Saturday, March 12, 2016

Day 1: An Epic Poem

We awoke before the crack of dawn, grabbed our duffels, and found our way to La Plata Hall. Then, we mounted our trusty minivan steeds, and began the long journey towards the land of North Carolina. Upon crossing state lines into Carolina territory, we devoured a lunch of sandwiches and pita chips. As we continued on our journey, the music was roaring to keep spirits high. In a mere matter of hours, we completed our journey as we arrived in sunny Topsail Beach. We entered our humble beachside abode, unpacked our belongings, and began to prepare a scrumptious dinner of pasta (with two sauces), garlic knots, and a mixed greens salad. As we reached a gluttonous satisfaction, we added some homemade cake to our bulging bellies. Splitting into groups, we walked along the beach, stared into the endless beauty of the stars, and rested in rooms full of conversation. Gathering into a circle of trust, we began our first reflection in Topsail. The discussion progressed through illustrated descriptions of our life journeys, all of which were fated to bring us together on this experience. Vulnerability became the theme of the night, as we opened our hearts and minds to one another, reaching a level of mutual understanding and trust. As the reflection ended, we transcended our boundaries and woes, ready to tackle the week ahead. Here's to friendship, love, and turtles! Huzzah!

Figure 1. Our fearless experience leaders, Nicole and Mitchell, open the pasta box to embark on a journey of crafting a culinary masterpiece of "homemade pasta".

Figure 2. Our experience leader, Mitchell Rock, rocking it with his plate of mixed greens, garlic bread, and pasta.

Figure 3. The THT Squad strolled along the beach in the middle of a stunning sunset. The landscape was speckled with gulls of the sea.

Figure 4. Panorama of the beach view from the back porch of our humble abode in Topsail, NC.

Stay posted for Day 2: An Even More Epic Poem.

-THT Squad

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