Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fun Facts ft. Ashley!! :)

Hey everybody! :D Please enjoy these factoids:

Boring facts:

  1. My name is Ashley Yuen.
  2. I am a junior majoring in General Biology and minoring in Human Development.
  3. I'm from Rockville, MD.
  4. I'm pre-med.
  5. I have one older brother. 
  6. My cat is named Meow Meow.
  7. I try to like jogging (I think it worked?).
Fun facts:
  1. I have 17 cousins, and one of them is somewhat famous -->
  2. Because of aforementioned cousin, I've housed TV Show Host Ronan Farrow in my basement before. AKA son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen (or Frank Sinatra? Just kidding, that was a rumor.) We played guitar hero together too. That was cool.
  3. I won a Chipotle Sweepstakes for catering for 40, but decided to be nice and share it with ILS and other randos on our floor. If you were there, then you're welcome.
  4. Sushi is my life. Cats are too. 
  5. I always stop to admire the squirrels on the UMD campus.
  6. I once took a selfie with a monkey. Ask to see it later, if you want. 
  7. My guilty pleasure is the ABC reality show: "The Bachelor." I know, I know - I hate myself for it too. 
  8. I don't know if turtles scare me yet, but I can't wait to find out on this ASB trip!! :) 

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