Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tiffany here!

Hi everyone! I'm Tiffany Hu, junior Neurobiology major.

A few tidbits:
-I love teaching kids - I am a veteran TA for the Integrated Life Sciences program because I've followed my "freshies" for 3 semesters.
-I volunteer at Health Leads in Children's National Medical Center to connect low-income families to community resources.
-I am co-president of the American Medical Student Association.
-I sing in UMD Women's Choir (with Janine!)
-We performed in Boston this year and it was super fun because I found udon and sushi and clam chowder under the same roof at Faneuil Hall Marketplace! That is now my favorite place. (But hopefully I'll have a new favorite place after I visit Topsail.)

Fun facts:
-I am ambidextrous.
-My two younger siblings are my pride and joy.
-I run on sugar and caffeine most days.
-I like noodles. Especially udon.
-Sushi is great too. As is clam chowder.
-I love turtles and pandas and neurons.
-I like honey almost as much as Winnie the Pooh.
-I drink honey before chorus concerts.

I'm super excited for this trip!

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